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Hello ! friends in this article i discuss about the Top 10 computer mistake , Which each computer user does. pro and beginner everyone does this mistake. We do not have to suffer so much because some mistakes are common, but some mistakes do us a lot of harm. That can be very difficult to fix or sometimes it is not.
So I'll talk about those mistakes so that you never make those mistakes, and how to fix them though.

1. Turning computer off improperly :

Many people do not turn off his/her computer properly . especially beginner computer user . and They do not understand that If the system does not shut down properly it can cause important file may be damage and your system software (OS) are maybe corrupt.
so every time you try to turn off your computer properly.

2. Do not use UPS for backup power :

Most of the beginner  or computer users don't used UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and they Directly connect computer,laptop,tablet into AC outlet . When suddenly the current is stopped, then the computer off unexpectedly. Because of that it can damage or burnout your computer. it also damage  the important files in your computer, that why sometimes OS maybe crashed.
So my personal advice, if you are a desktop user, definitely use UPS . This helps protect the computer from burnout and keep it running when the power goes out. That's why the desktop doesn't shut down incorrectly .

3. Downloading software from Third party website :

Most of the computer users, mostly beginner do this biggest mistake by downloading software from a third-party website and installing it on the computer . Third-party websites may include viruses, Trojans, malware along with that software. that's why after install that software it can affect your files , folders and crash your computer .
so every time you try to download software from their official website or trusted websites.not only computers user , mobile user also do this mistake, So every mobile user will follow this advice .

4. Install Crack or Pirated software :

This common mistake which is every computer users do . at one time I was also do that mistake . Which is to install crack or Pirated software on computer. Because of that it can effect your computer with the virus or stolen your confidential document. also you can notice that if you install crack software on your computer then your computer will very slowdown .
so If you do something like this, never do it . if your computer have confidential data or important document or you do important work then never install the crack software on your computer .

5. Remove external devices unexpectedly :

Most of the computer user do this common mistake, that is Removed external devices (pendrive,keyboard,mouse and others) unexpectedly. if you do this mistake, that cause the external devices maybe damage or corrupt. therefore never do this mistake .
every time remove the devices safely. how to do this –

At first Right click on Remove Device(that device you want to remove) then click on Eject . after that you will safely remove that device.

6. Not backup your important data :

There are many different ways to backup your important data Nevertheless, we do not back up our important data which causes we lose our important data at any time due to a computer problem. that is one of the biggest mistake any one can do. so make sure to backup your all important data before it's to much late .

7. Never keeping operating system or software up-to-date :

After install the OS or software , we never update that. that why many bugs and security threats are show and hacker easily crack our system.
So try to keep the install the latest version update of the OS and software every time. if you up-to-date your system, it's run smoothly and your data is keep secure.

8. Clicking Next or OK without reading :

Today we are all busy doing our work. For which we are not having patience or time to read what you are agreeing. Because of that every computer user Later he realize his mistake. not only computer user also mobile user do this mistake.
So before taking any service you should read all terms and conditions.

9. Using weak passwords :

Today everyone have a lot of internet accounts, it's very complex to remember all passwords, That's why we keep the same password or the weak password in all the accounts. Because of that a hacker easily hack our internet accounts by using our weak password. they Theft our personal data and blackmail with us.
so everytime you should use a strong password (in a password you might be use special characters, upper character and lower character and numbers etc. ) and used different passwords for different platforms.

10. Opening E-mail attachments :

This the common way to interface the computer with virus , that is open spam email attachments. most of the computer user do this mistake. If you accidentally click on any spam mail attachments, the virus in those spam mail attachments affects your computer. and destroys your computer system.

so there is a lot of mail in your email but you have to find out which spam email. after that deleted or block that email.

I believe that if you read this article carefully, then you will never make those mistakes. and if you make a mistake then you will fix it.


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