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If you are an internet user you must know about DNS. Because the DNS are very important things in computer network. with the help of the domain name system ISP can block any website. also, with the help of DNS, the name of a website is converted to an IP address. and much more .


DNS stands for Domain Name System (server,service) .dns server is the phone book of computer network just like phone book of your mobile phone. in computer network all the computers or mobiles or device connected to each other by the server,ISP(jio,airtel,broadband,etc) and the IP address. the IP address is an logical numeric address to each machine in computer network . just like your mobile phone number .If anyone wants to contact you by phone call It is possible that he will contact you because your mobile number is unique and It is only registered for you. For a specific time . these time anyone cannot get this mobile number . same technic used in computer network . each computer which is connected in computer network asin a unique ip address . this IP address helps identify each device as unique. this IP address is also possible when a device wants to be transmitted or contacted on another device. When we do a search (,,etc.), we do not know what is the IP of, even our computers do not know what is Google's IP? At that time the work start on the DNS server. for ex. when you search, at that time, the Domain Name System server finds out the IP of and gives you it , after that you will connect to the so without DNS server it is very difficult to communicate to each other in computer network.

How to Domain Name System work:

in human ability, we can remember a name from a number for long time. for which if we want to call someone from the phone, find out the names from the phone's contract list, do not find the numbers. creating a DNS server based on this system, to connect to a website, only search the name, not search the IP address.
When you write a name to visit a website, the job of the DNS server is to quickly find the IP of that website at a faster speed and you can visit the website through that IP. If you want, you can visit the website by searching the IP address.

  • How to check which DNS server you used in your computer?

open the network and sharing center page ( this page option show in control panel lists ) where you can see your active networks . then click  the active network -> properties-> internet protocol version(IPV/4) -> then click properties option -> after that you can see your DNS server address, where you can see which dns server you have used .

How to get a DNS server?

The ISP's internet service that you are using, is the responsibility of the ISP that provides you with a DNS server (such as Airtel, Geo, Broadband etc) but we have to face a problem sometimes, if the ISP's DNS server does not update the continuously or When the DNS server is down, there are  no new website or popular website can be opened.
Then 3-4 times after refresh the page is connected, because at that time the dns server updates the data in the backend. Most users are using public DNS servers to get rid of this problem. For example, Google DNS servers and many more companies. the public DNS gives you a better services as compare to your ISP or broadband Domain Name System. when you use the public DNS server , the public DNS gives you the website IP that you want. then you give that IP to your ISP, and then the ISP connects you and the website through this IP address.
as same case ,if you create a website and when everything is ready it will be updated in DNS server and tell the DNS server that if someone searches for my website then connect to this IP address. But if you  change your server or hosting due to any problem, your website's IP is changed. All DNS servers will take at least 24-48 hours to resolved the IP. During that time if someone searches on your website, then the DNS server will connect you to the old IP address, due to which the " website is not available ".
  • Conclusion :

If you want to talk about DNS in one word then DNS is central part of the internet, which is convert name to the number .without DNS it is more difficult to use internet .


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