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If you work in a networking field or research on a computer network, then the Multiplexer must have heard it. In this article i easily discuss what is Multiplexer and its related topic like Time-division multiplexing, Frequency Division Multiplexing etc. if you read this article read this carefully, you can learn about Multiplexer better.


-> Multiplexing is the method of dividing a communication channel into many logical channels show that a number of independent signal may be simultaneously transmitted on it. the electronic device that performs this task is know as a Multiplexer . Multiplexer also know as "MUX" or "MPX" . a Multiplexer takes several data communication lines or signal and converts them into one data communication line or signal at the sending location. In 1870, multiplexer used to be the first communication field. now it is used in many different field like Telegraphy, Telephony, Video processing, Analog broadcasting, Digital broadcasting etc. Devices that observe multiplexing policy are called multiplexes, as well as devices that observe reverse multiplexing policy are called de-Multiplexer or DEMUX.


TDM is a method of sharing a communication channel is which total time available in the channel is divided between in several user. and each user of the channel is allotted a Time limit during which he may transmit a massage . the channel capacity is fully utilized by interleaving a number of data streams blowing to different users into one data streams. TDM are normally used in Packet switching networks for telecommunication links.


FDM is a one type of networking method or technique ,which is combined multiple data signals for transmission on single share communication medium or Channel. each signal has a different frequency . FDM normally used in telephone a FDM allow the multiple user to share a signal physical communications medium .

  • There are many more multiplexer systems such as :-
Space division multiplexing, which is used in space center.
Polarization-division multiplexing which is used in fiber optic transmission systems .
Code-division multiplexing which is used in Global Positioning System (GPS).

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