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Hello friends!  today lots of famous websites are available in internet which is provide you many more information about computer and it's related topic . but in this article i easily explains WHAT IS COMPUTER and its related topics such as HISTORY OF COMPUTERS, MAJOR PC PARTS, TYPES OF COMPUTER and many more . so this will help you to quickly learn about computers .


-> A computer is a programmable electronic machine or device that can processes, calculations, and retrieve data based on instructions, which is provide by the user through hardware or software program .
COMPUTER stands for Common Operating Machine Purposely Used for Technological and Educational Research. at first computer used as mechanical calculator for calculate numeric operation. such as the abacus and slide rule . this time's a computer is very high speed digital electronic device that accept data as a input then process data according to the specific instruction (computer cannot do anything without a instruction) and  provide correct meaningful result as a output, or  store data for future use.


There is no easy answer to this question due to the many difficult classification of computers . But in the history of computer, we think today's computer has been named after Abacus machine 2500 years ago. abacus is a simple calculator machine for calculating numerical operation. after many attempts and updated ,Charles Babbage created the first mechanical computer in 1822 . This reason Charles Babbage known as a “Father of Computer ".
after lots of upgrade in computer history, in December 1943 the ' Colossus ' was the first electric programmable computer, which is developed by Tommy Flowers .

Computer Generation:

Up to now there are five generations of computers. Each generation is defined by a significant technical development. These significant changes have created a new stir in the history of computer. Now the computer's 5th generation is running. For Example.
  • 1st generation computer : 1940 – 1956 (Vacuum Tubes).
  • 2nd generation computer : 1956 – 1963 (Transistors).
  • 3rd generation computer : 1964 – 1971 (IC-Integrated Circuits).
  • 4th generation computer : 1972 – 2010 (Microprocessors).
  • 5th generation computer : 2010 - present (AI-Artificial Intelligence).


The major pc parts means it is impossible to run a computer without that element. At least these components must be run for a computer. We can divide the main part of the computer into two parts. Such as Hardware parts and Software.for example :
  • Hardware Parts :

All the devices connected to the computer are called hardware which can be touchedBased on the hardware device work, we can divide the hardware into different categories , such as -

Input Device :
-> Input device is the major element of the computer because when you want to send some data in cpu or processing unit . There's a need for a carrier to send data. then the input devices works as a carrier .therefore a user can send data in computer through the input devices .
example of input device :-
Keyboard,Mouse,Touchscreen,Touchpad,Joystick controller,Digital camera,Webcam,Scanner,Microphones etc .

Output Device :
->Similarly output device is the major element of the computer because
after processing data you want to see what happening or the result , then you would need at least one output device . So a user can see the results obtained from the processing unit through the output device.
example of output device :
Monitor (CRT,LCD,LED,OLED),Printer,Plotters,Speaker,Headphone etc .

Processing Unit :
-> Processing unit is the most important element in computer system . because it is not possible to start a computer without the processing unit.
There are some major components in the processing unit. Such as -

Microprocessor : 

A microprocessor is the Heart of  computer .  a microprocessor is a multipurpose, programmable , clock-driven, register based, electronic device, that reads binary instruction from a storage device called memory. Accept binary data as a input and process data according those instructions and provide result as a output. Microprocessor also known as another name Central processing unit (CPU).

Computer Memory :

Computer memory is one of the major part of computers .the computer memory offer several types of storage media . some of them can store data permanently and some of them can store data temporarily.
for Ex. RAM (Random Access Memory ) is an main memory of the computer system but it can't store data permanently .If power failures happened in systems during memory access then you will loss data permanently So RAM is " Volatile Memory ".

ROM (Read-only Memory) is secondary memory of computer system .no data lose happen whenever power failure occur during the ROM memory work in computer. so ROM is " Non-volatile Memory "  .

Storage Device:

Storage device is another major part of computers . it is best storage part to the computer users to save data, programs, information and etc. The storage device offer several types of storage media. such as Hard-disk, CD, DVD, Floppy disk, SSD . hard disk is the most popular storage media in computer .

Motherboard :

Motherboard is the main board in computer system, because all the components like processor, in/output device,memory,storage devices,peripheral devices etc connect in the motherboard . so without motherboard is it not possible to create a computer system.
  • Software

Software is one or more instructions or programs to run a computer. a software controls specific instructions or entire system.
Based on the software's work, we can divide the software into three categories :-

1. System Software : 

The system software also know as Operating System. it's performs the task of system management, storage management, input output drive management .it can communicate each and every drives of the computer system. And control the whole system, is called operating system software.
Ex:- Windows, Linux, Mac, Dos, Android .

2. Application Software :

Application software is a type of computer program, that designed for the specific personal, business, and multiple use. Each application software has specific work process to do specific tasks.
for examples  :  Microsoft office pack (word,excle,powerpoint etc) for office use.
internet browsers like internet explorer, chrome, mozila firefox, opera .
multimedia players like windows media player, VLC, GOM,KM player .
Adobe Software used for editing purposes .

3. Compiler Software :

Compiler Software is another computer program, which converts computer language to machine language. for example C ,C++, JAVA .


Depending on the computer size and ability to work, we can divide the computer into several categories such as:

Super Computer :
Super computer world most powerful , very expensive , fastest computer. super computer are use in weather forecasting, space research center etc. a super computer speed is measured in floating point operations per second (flops) .

Mainframe Computer :
A Mainframe computer are large, expensive and support large number of user (thousend or more). it's generally used in govt. or large company/organization or server etc . it is Second most powerful computers.

Mini-Computer :
Mini computer is mid range computer . it is below the mainframe computer . mostly it is used for multi-tasking . and it support maximum 200 user at a time. used in bank, IT company, hospital etc. it's related in personal computer family.

Your personal computer is a micro computer . it's support only one user at a time . and it is not expensive as compare to the other computer types.  Example of personal computer is - desktop,laptop,tablate pc,notebooks .

After many changes and upgrade in computer history today's computer has been created, and we believe that in future computer history will change more.

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