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Hello friends!  in this articles i explains what is network interface card (NIC), function of network interface card , how to connect a NIC card, etc. if you want to know about NIC card then you are in right place. so read this articles with attention .


-> NETWORK INTERFACE CARD (NIC) is one type of electronic peripheral card .a computer user, that attaches to a pc in order to connected network. a network interface card also known as a NIC card, Network adapter, Lan adapter, Ethernet card,Network card etc. Intel,Realtek,Broadcom are most popular company which is  manufacture the network interface cards. Each NIC has an own MAC (Media Access Control) address.
Usually a network interface card is work both Physical layer and Datalink layer, and it allow a computer to communicate over a computer network by using cable or wirelessly . and in general modern NICs transmit data at up to 10 GB/S. while older NICs transmit at 10 - 100 MB/S.

Most of the modern desktop and laptops motherboard have a pre built-in Ethernet ports .so unnecessary it not require add-on cards to connect to Ethernet-based networks. if your in-built Ethernet card is fail or lack, then you can use an add-on NIC card. some thin notebook computers lack the Ethernet port (built-in wireless connection ) or old computer that have not any Ethernet port . At that time, you can connect a network interface card in your computer for transmit data to another network .

The major function Of NIC Card are :

  • Translating the digital signal from pc into electrical/optical signals.
  • Translating the electrical /optical signal from the cable into digital signals.
  • Transforming the data between the pc memory and NIC.

How to Install a Network Interface Card  :

a NIC card connects to a computer motherboard via PCI , ISA,PCI-E,USB, etc slots , that connect to the network . 
if you have a desktop computer, then you'll need to open it computer chassis then install the NIC card in motherboard via PCI,PCI-X,ISA ports. Then install the driver software.

if you have a notebook computer, then you'll need an external NIC card . because it more hard to open it's chassis and it difficult to install inside the notebook. For example, it needs to be connected to a USB port. Then install the driver software. and it Ready for the use.

When installing a Network Interface Card, you must remember one thing - network interface card is an hardware so it needs a programming to make it work properly .therefore after connect the NIC card in motherboard must be install it's driver software . each NIC card's has own driver software.

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