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HOW TO CREATE A WEBSITE : you have a startup business . but don't know, how to grow your business very first , get a more customer on your business . don't worry create a beautiful website . or if you are a website developer students,  for improve your skill , must be create a website .
Not only skill development or business growth. if you are a blogger or a good content writer, designer, you can create a free or paid website and show your skills there. you can also earn money from the website.
but don’t know where to start? don't worry, here  i am help you choose better website for you.

How To Build Your Own Website :

-> Many peoples have an idea, website create is very difficult, if i want to create an website , must be know the coding or programming . For that reason, you have appointed a website developer to create a website. And spend a lot of money. but this time, create a website more easily . lots of free website builders are available in internet . that have lots of feature, like easy-to-use, customizable , drag and drop ( no need to coding/programming ) , user friendly , and many more  , that helps you easily to create a website .

So, how to create a website ? Follow the steps listed below 

At first decide which website you want. generally, two types of website are available , like free of cost website and paid website . in free website have some limited features but paid website have more advance feature and more security options .
if you are new one or you are student to create a website , my personal recommendation, to create a free website . you can gain your knowledge many more in this free website without spend money . when you learn many more about website then spend  money and create a beautiful professional website . 

Now in internet lots of free and paid website builders available but the right choice of the website builder matters a lot . because the website builders has all the features. so when you choose a website builder service must be know some tips.

Choose simple / easy to use : 
when you choose a website builder service must be see that, it is easy to use and simple for you . also comfortable to work .
Customer care :
when you choose a website builder it is more important that it have very good customer service . quality of customer support service to helps you find out how quickly and reasonably it reacts to your inquiries. so choose a better customer service.
Customizable :
It is very important when you create a website, choose a Customizable website builder , where everything is Customizable like template, theme, coding etc.

A domain name is like your name's  . Anyone can recognize you by your name, as well as your website by domain name. so domain name is very important thing in your website.
When picking a domain name, mind the following recommendations:

A nice domain name helps you to reflect your brand identity.  So select a suitable domain name for your website category. every time choose a short, simple, easy-to-remember domain name.

But one thing you should remember is that if you create a free website by free website builder. it does not gives you a custom domain name. For example"yourdomain .com" every time it gives you subdomain name with your domain name . for example "www.yourdomain.wix/wordpress/" .

  • After choosing domain name, hosting and website builder it is time to choose a user-friendly template. And design it very nicely.
  • If everything is set properly . it's time for publish your website .

If you think, publish your website and it ready for the get many number of traffic .So you're wrong .
There are a lot of work left after the website is published If you want a lot of traffic to your website, then follow a few more steps. such as.

SEO Optimization : SEO Optimization is the most important, if you want rank your website in search engines.  it help to boost your website quality .

Content Quality  : everything is perfect but your content quality is not good ,then your website don't rank any search engines . create a quality content. don't copy any other Person's content. because 'content is the king of the website ' .

Social Network Share : if you want Successfully promote your website and get a huge number of traffic , do share your post and content many social media sites. like Facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram, quora etc.

  • Some most popular free website builders are:


  • Some most popular domain and hosting providers is :


If you follow this steps very carefully . i'm sure, you have successfully create a website and easily rank in search engines  .

Finally my recommendation , if you are a new one or beginner  to create a website so don't spend money. create an free website . if you are a blogger ,create an beautiful blog in it's free, also you can earn money from it. but  if you want to start a professional website from beginning . go for paid website . before choose any paid service must be know there plans and terms and conditions very carefully.

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