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If Your personal data is very important to you or are you very serious for your online privacy. so don't worry . please use the VPN . it helps you to safe your online privacy.  in this article i discuss about what is VPN (virtual private network) , advantages of VPN , types of VPN , paid VPN , free VPN and many more. so you can read this article carefully . after that It helps you to secure your online privacy .

What is VPN

-> VPN stands for virtual private network . a VPN (virtual private network) is a one types of technology that allow create a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. VPN helps to protects your online privacy and browse the internet anonymously appear to be anywhere you choose .a VPN creates a personal network from a public net connection .

Advantages of the VPN:


  • Hide your IP and Location :

A VPN helps you to hide your IP address and location . it can gives to choose a different location from your VPN server . also provides a different IP address .  that helps you browsing internet freely or anonymously with privacy protection .

  • Boost your online security :

A VPN server always encrypted and anonymizing all of your online activity. by using the VPN server all the communication are encrypted between the VPN server and your device. Therefore, any one wouldn't know which web pages you access. The reason i always recommended , to both private and business users can benefit from using a VPN .

  • Streaming the online services (Netflix ,Hulu ) :

Many numbers of online streaming services are available in internet, like Netflix , Hulu etc. but it has a common problem like , Netflix and Hulu have been making it difficult for foreign users to access their content in other countries.  but it can be quite simple to watch netflix and other streaming services if you use the VPN server . a VPN server provides you to get a unique IP address, this IP address helps you to connect another country. Therefore, by using the VPN You will access online streaming services very easily from any others country .

  • Access the blocked website :

Lots of websites are available in internet, which is blocked by ISP(Internet service provider) . any normal user do not access this websites . in this case if you want to access this websites ? must be used the VPN. when you use the VPN , the VPN provide you special an IP address and help to connect to a different country server, then you can access the blocked websites through this server . but your ISP don't see ,which websites you access . Your ISP has only record that, you have connected in another country server.


-> Many numbers of VPN are available in internet for mobile and PC uses. but there has two types . FREE VPN and PAID VPN.

* Free VPN has many limitations, like free VPN has only few country server limitations . if you use the free VPN you must be connect in few country servers . you can not connected in another country server, that you want to connected .
* free VPN will slow your internet connection.
* when you use the free VPN ,Your browsing will be constantly interrupted by ads.
* free VPN provide weak and easily crackable security . this poor protection means that your data can be easily decode by any other person .

* Paid VPN gives you lots of Premium features . like, paid VPN give you access their entire country server, that you want to connect .
* a paid VPN offer very high level genuine protection for your private data online Therefore, any one wouldn't hack your privacy .
* when you use the paid VPN ,Your browsing do not constantly  interrupted with ads.
* paid VPN don't slow your internet connection.
* using the paid VPN, You will access online streaming services such as netflix ,Hulu ,etc very easily from any others country .
and also gives many services .


So my personal recommendation , if you do some normal task or work on internet for few time, then free VPN service could do the job nicely.
but if you do some serious work on internet and very conscious your online privacy . Therefore, you must use the paid VPN service.


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