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This post is all about what is a computer network and it's similar info like network basics , advantage of computer network , types of computer network , etc. that is very important to everyone . it's most useful for those students who are getting ready for the pc Networking study or Operator examination .

  • What is Computer  Networking ?

-> A computer network is a communication system where a group of computers and other devices like printers are connected by cables and other hardware , the data is shared between the computers .
This concepts of connected computer sharing resources is called computer Networking.  

  • Advantages of Computer Networking :-

Network allow efficient management of resources for example :-

1. Multiple user can share a single HQ printer, rather then having multiple possibility lower quality printer on individual printer.

2. Network helps keep information reliable and up-to-date and manage.  Centralized data storage system allows multiple users to access data from difference location.
3. Network helps speed up data sharing file, transferring file across a network is allows faster than other. Non-network means of sharing files.

4. Services like E-Mail (Electronic-Mail) being offered by computer network, allow  much more efficient for communication .

  • Components of a  computer network  :-

1. Server :- server is a computer that provides share  resources to network user.

2. Clients : - Clients is a computer that access shared network resources provide by a server.

3. Media :- the way in which computers are connected.

4. Resources :- Files, printers , or  others item to be used by network users. 

  • Types of computer network :-

LAN (Local area Network ) :-

-> If a network is confined to a single location, typically one building or complex is called LAN (Local Area Network ) . Ethernet connection such as a Cable  and Wi-Fi are the two primary ways to enable LAN connections for sending and receiving massage.   Local area networks (LAN) are used in residence, school, laboratory, university campus or office building etc.

WAN (Wide Area Network ) :-

-> When a network is spread  over wide area, such as across city, sates , or country is called WAN ( Wide Area Network ) . Communications are done by via telephone line, satellite, microwave links etc.

MAN (Metropolitan Area Network ) :-

-> In between  LAN and WAN is the MAN (Metropolitan Area Network ) . a MAN is a network that covers the entire City, but usage LAN technologies . cable television network are good example of MAN . the MAN can Carry information in the form of computer  signals from one computer to another .


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