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If you have a smart phone or computer or if you are a tech guy, then know or heard about booting. And to find more advanced information about booting, you've surfing a lot of websites on the internet, I hope you've got a lot of information about booting from there. Similarly, I have tried to give some important information about booting in this article. Hopefully you can get important information like other websites.

->  Booting  is a process or set of operation that loads a hence starts the operating system, starting from the point when user switches on the power button. 



->  When a computer starts up ( by pressing the power button ), the first thing occurs is it send a signal to motherboard which in turn start the power supply. after supplying the correct amount of power to each device, it sends a signal bios which is called "POWER OK SIGNAL"

       Once BIOS receive the “POWER OK “ signal , it’s start the Booting process by first initializing a process called “ POST ” (Power On Self Test) . BIOS first checks out that every devices associated with the computer has the right amount of power and it also check out that whether the memory is not corrupted. Then every devices is  initialize and finally the BIOS is ready to control the boot.

       Now the final process of Booting is begin , for this BIOS first find 512 bytes of image ,  called MBR (master boot record ) . or boot sector from the storage devices ( hard disk,CD,floppy disk,pendrive, etc.) which is used for Booting. The boot device's priority is set by the user in the BIOS setting.

     Once the BIOS, finds a boot sector, it loads it into memory and executes it. If the bios does not find a valid boot sector, then it is check next device. this process continues until a valid boot sector is found. If BIOS fails to get valid boot sector , generally  it’s stop the execution and give error massage “ Disk BOOT Failure “ .

Types of Booting :

Booting can be done is two ways:-
  1. Cold Booting
  2. Warm Booting 

1. Cold Booting :- 


when computer system was turn off Normally by pressing the shut down option . Again computer system is turn on by press the power button  , it check the all devices and components  and it is work properly  . then this will read all the instructions from the ROM and the Operating System will be Automatically gets loaded into the System. this Booting process is called cold Booting .

2. Warm Booting :- 


Once a program encountered a mistake from that it cannot recover then the pc system was restart ( shut down and ON mechanically ) by pressing the
restart selection or ALT + CTRL +DEL keys  press at the same time .
this Booting method is named warm Booting .


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