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In this article i discuss about MICROPROCESSOR , What Is Microprocessor , Parts Of CPU such as ALU, REGISTER ARRAY, CONTROL UNIT . and top most microprocessor manufacturer company like INTEL, AMD, SNAPDRAGON , MediaTek, etc. so you can read this article carefully. after that It helps you to increase your tech knowledge.

What is Microprocessor ?

->  A microprocessor is a multipurpose, programmable , clock-driven, register based, electronic device, that reads binary instruction from a storage device called memory. Accept binary data as a input and process data according those instructions and provide result as a output.

Organization of a microprocessor based system:-

-> Microprocessor can be divided into 3 segment, as shown in figure- ALU, REGISTER ARRAY, and CONTROL UNIT .
  • ALU (arithmetic-logic unit) : - This is the area of microprocessor where various computer functions are performed on data. The ALU unit performs such arithmetic operation such as ADDITION and SUBTRACTION and such as logic operation as AND, OR, and EX-OR.

  • REGISTER ARRAY :- This area of microprocessor consist of various registers identified by latters such as A,B,C,D,E,H,N,L . this registers are primarily used to store data temporally, during the execution of a program and accusable to the user though instructions .

  • CONTROL UNIT : - The control unit provide the necessary timing and control signal to all the operation in the micro-computer. It’s control the flow of the data between the microprocessor and memory and peripherals. 

Top most microprocessor company and their some details :-


-> Intel is most popular desktop microprocessor manufacturers company in world wide. it is Founded in July 18, 1968.  in 1971Intel 4004 was the first commercially available microprocessor by Intel . the newest intel processor is 9th generation Coffee Lake CPUs were released in the fourth quarter of 2018.For the first time in Intel consumer CPU history, these CPUs support up to 128GB RAM. Intel supplies processors for computer system manufacturers such as Lenovo, HP, and Dell etc. the intel not only manufacturers  the desktop processors . also manufactures graphics chip, IC, flash memory , motherboard chips, and other component to related in computing.


-> "AMD" stands for Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD). it is 2nd most popular desktop processor manufacturer company in world wide. it is Founded in May 1, 1969 . on November 1969, AMD  Manufactured first Product, the AM 9300: 4 bit MSI shift register. Selling of the product began a year later. AMD Ryzen is the latest processor for best budget CPU. AMD not only manufacturers the desktop processors, it also manufacture the graphics chip, motherboard chipsets , Embedded system, etc. 


-> The Snapdragon is most popular mobile CPU in worldwide. it is mostly used in mobile devices. snapdragon is one types of semiconductor products, which is designed and marketed by Qualcomm Technologies Inc. it is founded in November, 2007 . in system on a chip (SoC) may include multiple CPU core , a GPU unit , GPS, Wi-Fi, camera, AI system , and many more . the Snapdragon processor mostly used in android and windows mobile phone. snapdragon was made the first  processor , that is QSD8250 which was released in November 2007. after that snapdragon manufactures the lots of updated mobile processors. the latest snapdragon processor is The Snapdragon 855 which was announced on December 5, 2018. it is first 7 nm FinFET chipset in Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ history.

MediaTek :

-> MediaTek is another popular mobile processor manufacturer company in world wide . it is founded in May 28,1997.Headquarters of  media tek in Hsinchu, Taiwan . mediatek is provided processor  for mobile devices like smartphone, tablet computer.  also made the chips for HD tv, wireless communications , etc.  in a single chip may include multiple CPU core,GPU control, camera control, AI system, Wi-Fi, GPS, and many more. MT6218B is first the MediaTek CPU with ARM7 which is released in 2003 . after that mediaTek has made lots of processors. and  many changes in processor manufactures and architecture  . the latest mediatek processor is Helio P90 with ARM Cortex-A75,ARM Cortex-A55 architecture based , 12 nm HPM which is released in  2019 .
we hope, in future the media tek will  manufacture many updated powerful processors with many advance technology .

* another top most processors manufacturer company-  SAMSUNG , NVIDIA , APPLE, IBM, MOTOROLA, etc.

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