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* Explain Network Topology  :- 

-> Network topology refer to the arrangement physical layout of computer, cable, and other components of the network.

Type Of network Topology  :

1. Bus Topology :-

The Bus Topology also known as linear bus. Is consist of several computer which are attached to a common cable all the Trunk line. In bus topology, data on the network is sent to all the computer on the network.Only data is accepted by the computer that addresses match. the address in the signal . only one computer at a time can sand massages. Failure of one computer dose not effect the performance of the network . every computer has an address (ip address) . 

2. Star Topology :-

In the Star Topology , computers are connected by cable segments to a centralized drive known as HUB and SWITCH . signal are transmitted from the sending computer through the controller on the central HUB to the receiving computer. As each computer is connected to a central point this topology, so if the central controller fails, the entire network is disable . if one computer or the cable that connects to the HUB fails ,  the entire network is not disable . the star topology is the most popular topology. 

3. Ring Topology :-

In Ring Topology , computers are connected trough a single circle of cable. There are no terminated ends .the signal travels around the loop in one direction and pass through each computer. the ring topology acts like a repeater. where one computer boost the signal and send it on next computer . failure of one computer in a ring topology can effect the entire network .

4. Mash Topology :-

In Mash Topology each computer is connected to all other computer . it is not suitable for large size network because of lot of cable requirement .There are two ways to send data on mesh topology, such as Routing and Flooding routing .

5. Hybrid Topology  :-

Hybrid Topology is a combination of any Two or more topologies . Two common example of hybrid topology are Star-Ring Topology , Star-Bus Topology.

             A Star Bus Topology consist of two more star topologies connected using a trunk line.
             A Star Ring Topology consist of two or more star topology and hub or switch of the star topology connected in a single circle of cable.

6. Point-To-Point Topology  :-

The simplest topology with a permanent link between two end points is called Point To Point Topology. It is a point to point communication Chanel that appears to the user to be permanently associated with the two end point .

7. Point To Multi-Point Topology  :-

The Point To Multi Point Topology consist of a central base stations that supports several subscriber station. This offer network access from a single location to multiple locations permitting them to used the same network resources between them .   


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