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If you are tech guy or familiar with tech, Many times you hear about the server, then you have got a lot of questions about the server, like what is a server? types of server , how they work and many more .

In this article I tried to answer these questions very easily. If you read this paragraph carefully, many of your questions about the server will be resolved.

What is server ?

-> A server is a Computer that provides the data, software, and hardware resources that are shared on the lan. a lan can have more than one server, each server has a unique name on the network and all lan users identify the server by it’s name .

Types of Server :-

* Dedicated Server :  A server that function only as a storage are for data and software and allows access to hardware resources is called as a dedicated server.
Dedicated server need to be a powerful computer capable of handling the huge works lodes demand on them. 

* Non-Dedicated Server : in many lan, a server is just another workstation there is a user working the computer using it as a workstation , such a server is known as non-dedicated server. It is used for small lan installation.

* File Server : file server store file that lan workstation can access. It also decide on the reactions that the user need to have while accessing  files on the lan. the file server regulated the amount of space allow for each user.

* Printer Server : A printer server tasks care of printing requirement of a number of workstation . in a lan with a large number of workstation, several user could give request for printing in individual of just a few minutes. Printer server store the file to be printed on it’s disk and then executive this request on a fast in fast out basic .

* Modem server : A modem server allows lan user to use a modem to transmit long distance massage. In a organization , only a few user would need to used the modem . a single modem server attached to one or two modem .

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