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  • What is Computer Memory ?
-> Memory is major part of computers . Memory is best storage part to the computer users to save data, programs, information and etc.The computer memory have different types of storage media . some of them can store data permanently and some of them can store data temporarily.

Types of Computer Memory  :-  Computer Memory has two types such as -
1. Primary Memory / Volatile Memory
2. Secondary Memory / Non Volatile Memory

1. Primary Memory / Volatile Memory :-

Primary Memory is main memory of computer system. It also called as volatile Memory because the memory can’t store the data permanently . it also has another name RAM.

RAM ( Random access Memory ) :
RAM stands for Random access Memory. RAM is Primary memory of computer system . It's perform both read and write operations on memory. If power failures happened in systems during memory access then you will loss data permanently So RAM is volatile Memory. 

Different types of RAM is :- SRAM , DRAM
SRAM :- (Static Random access Memory) SRAM gives you faster access to information compare  to the DRAM. SRAM is more expensive . SRAM is more commonly used in cache and video card memory only.

DRAM :-  (Dynamic Random access Memoryit has slower access speed as compared to SRAM . it also the lowest cost and is the cheaper . various types of DRAM is :-
1. DDR  is Double Data Rate . it has 184 pins and 2.5 V Operating voltage.
2.  DDR2 is Double Data Rate 2 .it has 240 pins and 1.8 V Operating voltage.
3. DDR3 is Double Data Rate 3 . it has 240 pins and 1.5 V Operating voltage.
4. DDR4 is Double Data Rate 4 . it has 288 pins and 1.2 V operating voltage.

2.Secondary Memory / Non volatile Memory :-

Secondary Memory is External and permanent memory of computer system . Secondary memory also called as non volatile memory because the memory can store data permanently . example of secondary memory is ROM .

ROM(Read only Memory) :
ROM stands for read only memory . ROM is secondary memory of computer system. It work with read only operation. No data lose happen whenever power failure occur during the ROM memory work in computer.

ROM memory has several types such as :
1. PROM :- Programmable Read Only Memory.
2. EPROM :- Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.
3. EEPROM :- Electrically-Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.

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