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Have you done your study on computer networking ? or Are you looking to start a career in networking? Or are you looking to join to another organization as a network engineer?
           Don't worry , this article covers  some of the commonly-asked networking interview questions. so follow this question, it's help you to achieve good impression in computer Networking interview.


1. What is ComputerNetworking ?
-> A computer networking is a communication system where a group of computers & other device like Printer are connected by cable & other hardware. The data shared between the computer.
                    This concept of connected computer sharing resources is called Computer Networking.


2. what is Server ? Tell me name of different type of server ?
-> A server is a one type of computer , that provides the data,information,  software, and hardware resources that are shared on the LAN. a LAN can have a more than one server. Each server has a unique name on the network and all the LAN user identify the server by it’s name.
Name of the different type of server is-  Dedicated Server, Non- Dedicated Server, File Server, Printer Server , Modem server .

3. what is LAN ?
-> A LAN (Local Area Network)  is confined to a small location, typically one building,complex,school. this type of network is called LAN  
4. What is WAN ?
-> A wide area network (WAN) is is spread  over wide area such as city,country etc. this type of network is called WAN 
5. What is NIU(Network Interface Unit) ?
-> The Network Interface Unit is a device that is attached to each of the workstation and the server . it helps the workstation to establish a connection with the network.

6. What is the LINK ?
-> The link is meant to connect between two devices. different types of cables and other medium helps to link one device to another devices.
7. What is the wireless Media ?
-> Wireless Media transmit electromagnetic signal without any electrical and optical conductor . name of different type of wireless media i) radio wave ii) microwave iii) Infrared (IR) light.

8. Tell me different types of networking communication channels?
-> i) Twisted Pair Cable – UTP(Unshielded Twisted Pair) , STP (Shielded Twisted Pair)
     ii) Coaxial cable . iii) fiber optic cable . iv) Wireless Media

9. what is Network Topology ? What are the important topologies for networks?
-> The Network topology refers to the arrangement  physical layout of computer, cables and other components  of the network system.
There are three important topologies – Star, Bus and Ring topologies.

10. What are the different ways to exchange data?
-> i)  Simplex ii) Half-duplex iii) Full-duplex

11. What are the major types of networks?
-> Server based Network.
    Pair to Pair Network.

12. what is Point To Point (P2P) topology ?
-> Point-to-point The simplest topology is a permanent link between two endpoints is called Point-to-point topology. It is a point to point communication channel that appears to the user to be permanently associated with the two ends point.

13. what  is T568B and T568A ?
-> T568B and T568A are the two color codes used for wiring eight-position RJ45 modular plugs.
T568B                                                                    T568A
White-Orange                                                   White-Green
Orange                                                                 Green
White-Green                                                     White-Orange
Blue                                                                       Blue
White-Blue                                                         White-Blue
Green                                                                   Orange
White-Brown                                                     White-Brown
Brown                                                                   Brown


14. What is OSI Layers? 
-> OSI reference model is a 7 layer model developed by ISO (International Organization of Standardization) . it is 7 layer communication protocol for the development of communication system worldwide.
1.physical, link,, 4.transport, 5.session, 6.presentation,7.application.

15. what is peer to peer network ?
-> in a peer to peer network ,there are no dedicated server , each computers has both function -Clint and server .the most advantage of the peer to peer network is it is simple design and maintenance. and it is less costly as compare to the server based network .    
16. what is IPaddress ? what are the different IP address classes ?
-> An IP ( internet protocol) is a numeric identifier assign to each computer machine on an IP network. it is the 4 bit address  in IPV4 system. IPV6 is 128 bit address.
Class A address -  class A IP address used for Very large networks. Class A IP address range from 1-127
Class B address - class B IP address used for Medium networks. Class B IP address range from 128-191
Class C address – class C IP address used for Small networks. Class C IP address range from 192-223
Class D class – class D IP address used for Multicast. Class D IP address range from 224-239
Class E class – class E IP address used for Experimental. Class E IP address range from 240-254

17. Tell me private IP address range ?
-> The private IP address ranges exist for-
Class A :- –
Class B :- –
Class C :- –

18. What is DHCP ?
-> DHCP(Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) centralized and manage the allocation of TCP/IP configuration information by automatically assigning IP address to computers configured to use DHCP.

19. what is HUB ? what are the different types of HUB ?
-> HUB is a centralized point or centralized resource of point which connected number of machines in a network to communicate each other for share the resources. a HUB regenerates a signal as a signal pass to the HUB.
On the basis of its working methods, the Hubs can be divided into three types, given as:
i) Passive HUB ii) Active HUB iii) Intelligent Hub.

20. what is Repiter ?
-> A repeater is an electronic device that receives a signal and regenerated the signal and retransmits it. so that the signal can travel on additional cable sigmant they do not translate or filter data.

21. what is ARP ? how is it work ?
->  ARP stand for Address Resolution Protocol. ARP is a simplest Network layer protocol which are converted IP address into a physical address such as Ethernet address.

22. what is DNS ?
-> The DNS (Domain Name System) is a central part of the Internet, providing a way to match Names (a website you’re seeking) to numbers (the address for the website).

23. What is VPN ?
-> VPN allow you to create a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. and its helps you to protects your internet privacy .

24. What is MAC address ?
->  MAC (Media Access Control) address is the 48-bit hardware address of a LAN card and is usually stored in the ROM of the network adapter card and is unique.

25. What is Firewall ?
-> Firewall server to protect an internal network from external attack.

26. what is Hybrid topology ?
->  Hybrid topology is a combination of any two or more topologies. two common example of Hybrid topology are Star-Ring topology and star-Bus topology.

27. which bit of address are available in subnet mask ?
-> Subnet mask is a 32 bit address.

28. what is NIC(Network interface card) ?
-> NIC is a peripheral card, that attached to a PC in order to connected Network . each NIC has an own MAC address.

29. Which protocol help to transfer a file between two computer network ?
-> File Transfer Protocol (FTP).

30. what is RIP ?
-> RIP (Routing Information Protocol) is used by routers to send data from one network to another.

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